11 Things to Know Before Buying an Eames Lounge Chair Replica

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Did you know that 6 actors played in no less than 24 James Bond movies along the years?

Did you know that 6 actors played in no less than 24 James Bond movies along the years?

Hollywood superstars such as Roger Moore, Sean Connery and Daniel Craig managed to drive 24 different cars, drink 287 units of alcohol and even kill a whopping 415 baddies! But what else do Bond movies have in common, besides beautiful women and action-packed scenes? An Eames lounge chair replica. The Eames lounge chair is an iconic furniture item used frequently in multiple Hollywood blockbusters. For example, this chair appeared in "Die Another Day", "Casino Royale", "The World Is Not Enough" and other wonderful movies such as "Iron Man 2" and "Gossip Girl". But what is an Eames lounge chair and what makes is so special? And how can you buy a high-quality replica to display it proudly in your living room or home office? Keep reading to find out from this article!

What is An Eames Lounge Chair Replica?

The first Eames lounge chair was introduced back in 1956 by Charles Eames. It’s a revolutionary type of chair which harmoniously combines comfort with aesthetics. Thanks to its popularity, this chair has been continuously produced over the years and now you can buy an Eames lounge chair replica at an affordable price. The original Eames chair was made from steel and Zenaloy. This made it very durable, but it was also very heavy and expensive to produce. The most popular manufacturer was Herman Miller who created thousands of Eames lounge chairs back in the days. Today's chairs are made from other materials which make it more accessible to the large public. However, if you plan to buy an Eames lounge chair replica, you need to pay attention to a few things.

Things to Know Before Buying an Eames Lounge Chair Replica

You need to do your homework before buying because the market is flooded with fake Eames chairs. A lounge chair which doesn’t respect the original Eames guidelines is not as comfortable as you might expect. Here’s what you need to know before buying a lounge chair replica, to make sure your furniture item respects the original design.

1. The Chair Should Have Four Legs

Many chairs which are supposed to be Eames lounge ones come with too many or too few legs coming from the base. The original design had four legs which spread evenly from the base outwards. Some replicas contain three or five legs which don’t offer the same stability and comfort while sitting. This is the easiest thing you can check, If ordering online, ask the manufacturer if it’s possible to supply photos of the chairs before buying, so you can count the number of legs.

2. Check the Size of the Chair

A plethora of replicas doesn't accurately fit the original Eames lounge chair designs. These replicas are either too large or too small. For example, the original chair measured around 32 inches from top to bottom. Some replicas are taller than that, measuring about 40 inches or more from the floor to the top of the headrest. This apparently minor inadvertence can alter the comfort level you enjoy when you sit on your chair. Smaller Eames replicas are even more uncomfortable and they should be avoided. At the same time, make sure that you also measure the size of the arms too. An original Eames chair measures 32.75 inches in arm length. Anything longer or smaller than that means that you’re not buying an original Eames lounge chair.

3. Check to See If The Chair Reclines

One of the greatest advantages of an Eames lounge chair was its reclining feature. The original Eames chairs made by Herman Miller back in 1956 ‘came with a fixed reclining position. In other words, you couldn’t adjust the seat and change its angle. Some fake replicas of an Eames chair come with an adjustable reclining mechanism. This means that you can change the angle of the seat which is in contradiction with the original design. As a result, you’re buying a fake Eames lounge chair.

4. Take the Price Into Account

The price of an Eames lounge chair replica gives you more information on whether it’s a high-quality item or not. Certain manufacturers which use the exact specifications provided by Eames back in the days can sell a chair for several thousand dollars. It’s important to know that the value of Eames furniture items holds well over time, so your investment is protected. However, you don’t have to spend that much if you don’t want too. Superb Eames lounge chair replicas can cost between $900 and $1,500 in most cases. Some of them can go up to $2,000 but these are rare. If you go for a used model, you should expect to pay less than that. Most importantly, if you see chairs selling for just a few hundred dollars then you should know that these are poor-quality copies of original models. They won’t rise to your expectations, so you should stay away from them.

5. Consider the Materials and Finishes

Taking a look at the materials from which an Eames chair is made should be your priority before buying. For example, the original Eames chair designs were made from leather and wood. The finishes ranged from walnut, terracotta walnut, red palisander black, white, silver. Some of the best Eames chair replicas also feature these materials and color options. This means that you can easily integrate your chair into the décor of your office or living room. Make sure that you ask questions about the quality of the materials and finishes before buying, to ensure that you buy something suitable for your house.

6. Check to See if The Screws Are Exposed

Another important visual detail consists of the screws which hold together the plywood shells. If these screws are visible then it contradicts the original manufacturing guidelines. The original Eames chairs had no exposed screws. The craftsmanship was superior in any way and the screws were hidden from plain sight. In certain replicas of the Eames lounge chair, you can see screws covered with caps which match the color of the plywood or leather. This is an indication that you’re buying a high-quality item, so keep that in mind. Our team specializes in reviewing Eames chairs and providing pertinent advice on buying such furniture items. You can learn more about our work from our website.

7. The Chair Should Come with An Ottoman

An ottoman chair was supplied with the original Eames lounge chair back in the days. This small piece of furniture acts as a footrest and it also complements the design of the Eames chair. It also comes with four legs and helps to increase your comfort level while sitting. Some manufacturers of Eames chair replicas don’t supply the ottoman with the chair you are buying. They might also charge you separately which is not a good thing. High-quality replicas always come with an ottoman included in the package, so you don't have to pay extra. In addition, the ottoman always has a design which matches one of the Eames chairs. These two pieces go perfectly together, increasing the aesthetics of the room and your comfort level. When buying a replica, always ask about the size of the ottoman and its condition. This furniture piece should be about 16.5 inches tall and around 23 inches in width.

8. The Cushions Should Be Removable

The original Eames chairs came with detachable cushions. This is a great feature because after a prolonged period of usage, you can simply remove the cushions for cleaning purposes and then put them back on. In a similar fashion, the removable cushions also give you the opportunity to re-upholster them when necessary. Re-upholstering the cushions helps improving the condition of the chair as well as making them look as brand new. When buying your next Eames chair, make sure that the cushions are removable. This indicates that you're buying a high-quality item made according to the original Eames chair guidelines.

9. The Wooden Elements Should Have Veneer

The Eames chairs were initially made with wooden veneer on each side. This was an important decorative piece which made these furniture items so beautiful and appreciated. Replicas of Eames lounge chairs should also come with wooden veneers in various colors and textures. For example, some of the most popular colors include light brown and dark red. If the chair you plan to buy doesn't come with veneer, you're spending money on a lower-quality item.

Find Your Favorite Eames Chair Replica!

As you can see, it is not really that difficult to find a good Eames lounge chair replica if you’re doing your homework and learn about it beforehand. This furniture item provides one of the best ways to improve the interior decor of your house without spending a fortune. For more information, check out our blog article which covers a few reviews of Eames chairs available on the market today! These are all high-quality Eames lounge chair replicas which look great in any home office or living room.


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