How to Make the Most Out of a Small Bedroom

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So you’ve got a great apartment or home space that you love, but the bedroom feels too small.

How do you work around it to come up with a comfortable space that you will enjoy hanging out, relaxing, and sleeping in? Don’t let a small space hinder you from dreaming big with your home! We’ve got small bedroom design ideas that will transform your space into an enticing, relaxing fortress of solitude.

So you’ve got a great apartment or home space that you love, but the bedroom feels too small.

How do you work around it to come up with a comfortable space that you will enjoy hanging out, relaxing, and sleeping in? Don’t let a small space hinder you from dreaming big with your home! We’ve got small bedroom design ideas that will transform your space into an enticing, relaxing fortress of solitude.

Take advantage of ceiling and wall space.

There are so many ways to keep your floor clear, which will make the room feel bigger and more spacious. For storage, put up floating shelves, floating nightstands, and floating entertainment centers. If you have a window, use your window ledge to display decorative items or plants. Use the ceiling to hang lighting and planters. If you can keep the floor clear, it will visually expand the room.

Shop for narrow furniture.

Get smallish nightstands, a narrow bench or stool for the foot of the bed, and a taller, rather than wide, chest of drawers. This will open up your floor space and will make the room feel bigger. A single, double, or full bed will also save you a little space over a queen or king sized bed if you can manage with a smaller bed.

Use art.

Even if you’re not the artsy type, art can transform even the smallest spaces. Decorate the walls with canvas or framed poster prints to add interest while taking up virtually zero space. Consider your style (classic, modern, sophisticated, playful, etc.) and the colors you are already using or planning to use in the room when deciding on the right art for your space. 

But go easy on the artwork. On the other hand, overly cluttered walls can also make a small room feel smaller. Feel it out for your space, if you have art for every single wall, try to narrow it down to just a couple of your favorites and find places elsewhere for the rest. One piece of large, framed art (or three small uniform framed pieces in a row) above the bed is a classic choice. 

Opt for dual purpose furniture.

The furniture world is catching up to the concept of multi-purpose furniture for small spaces. Think about getting a bed with drawers underneath, or add your own low profile rolling boxes from a retailer such as The Container Store to utilize space under the bed. If you have a tv in the room, your tv stand could be your dresser. Look for pieces that will fit in your bedroom (it doesn’t hurt to measure!) and that serve multiple functions to maximize efficiency with your space. 

Choose colors wisely.

Some color palettes can make the space feel bigger. One option is to go for a lot of white or light colors. This can make a cramped room feel more airy. On the opposite end of the spectrum, charcoal or black walls can also give the illusion of distant space and make the room feel expansive. If you do go the dark route, make sure you have plenty of light sources. This will keep the space feeling moody rather than cave-like. One other idea is to choose an eye-catching color and paint an accent wall in that color. It could be black, navy blue, orange, or any other vibrant color you like. An accent wall gives a small room personality without overwhelming the space with one color. 

Layered light sources.

Keep a variety of light sources in mind including overhead (think recessed canned lighting), bedside nightstand lights or floor standing lamps, and natural window light to keep a small bedroom (or any space really) feeling cozy instead of claustrophobic. This is especially important if you have opted for a dark color scheme for the room. 

Dramatic light fixtures.

Continuing with the focus on lighting, one other way to enhance a small room is to find a dramatic, ceiling hanging light fixture to draw focus up and to the center of the room. The right light fixture coordinated with your style can carry the bulk of the design weight for a room, allowing you to save money and time when decorating other areas of the room. Look for striking light fixtures online or in local stores in your area. This may be a time when you will want to splurge to get something truly unique (not from a big box store). 

Pops of color.

As with all rooms, a good rule of thumb is to have three coordinated items in the same bright hue. This can add visual interest and liveliness to a room. If you are struggling to apply this look, try to shoot for matching (or almost matching) pillows, a cozy throw blanket, and a lamp all in the same striking color such as orange or yellow. 

Use mirrors.

Mirrors are a relatively inexpensive way to make a room feel larger and more spacious. A well placed mirror will reflect light around the room which will make it brighter and bigger looking. Plus you’ll have a way to check your hair in your bedroom before you go out. To add a bedroom-enhancing mirror in your room today, try a tall floor standing mirror leaning on a wall, a small boxy mirror on a dresser, or a large wall mounted mirror hanging above the bed for a striking effect. 

Be tidy.

A cluttered room looks smaller and feels less comfortable to be in. It may be conscious or even subconscious, but the clutter can make you feel stressed, drain your energy, and dampen your desire to spend time at home. Some simple steps to being more tidy are: put your clean laundry away immediately and put your dirty clothes away in a laundry basket instead of on the floor, put shoes away neatly, keep your wallet, watch, and phone organized on your dresser or nightstand. Spending a few minutes tidying up every night will pay off over time. 

Be thoughtful with your flooring.

Coordinate your rugs, carpets, or wood floors with neutrals or similar colors to your walls and bedspread. A busy rug with a bright, bold pattern will make the floor of a smallish bedroom look cluttered which will make the whole room feel less comfortable. If you don’t have a variety of textures in the room already, use the rug to achieve texture by going for a unique material such as jute, or a fluffy soft rug. 

Less really is more.

For a truly unmatched serene and peaceful experience, go all in on the minimalist style. Keep your space free from any clutter. Keep pathways (around the bed, to the bathroom, etc.) free of obstacles. Keep your place almost totally bare, think prison cell aesthetic first (seriously!) and then warm it up with one or two personalized, cozy items such as an oversized piece of art, a soft throw blanket or comforter, or a large uniquely styled floor lamp. Trust us, this style will land right every time and is an easy style to adopt as your own. 

Say hello to those vacation vibes.

A small space can actually be a perfect oasis from the worries of the day if you do it right. Rattan chairs add instant resort feelings while their airy texture takes up less visual space in a room. Opt for lighter colors like tans and sage greens to evoke natural color in tropical locations. White fluffy bedspreads with white pillows, white sheets, and bright white comforters will make you feel like you are staying in a posh beachside hotel. Tropical plants in cool pots will also help complete the look. Walk in with a soft robe and a Mai Tai with an umbrella to achieve small bedroom bliss. 

Go for drama with curtains.

With a small bedroom, mini blinds can make the space feel like a cubicle in an office from the 90s. If you live in an apartment that came with mini blinds, leave the blinds on, but you may also want to consider installing a dramatic curtain with them. This can create visual interest for the room, keep light out for you to sleep better, and cover any kinks or imperfections in the mini blinds you have inherited. 

Remove all window treatments.

If your place didn’t come with blinds and you don’t need the privacy or light blocking, think about leaving the bedroom window untreated. You will have to deal with the sunlight coming in at night and in the morning, but that light will also make your room feel airy, fresh, and breezy during the day if you leave the window open. Curtainless windows can add instant relaxing vibes to any room, and if your windows have historical features such as wood frames, this is a good way to show them off and add charm to the room. 

We hope that you have found some useful tips to make a small bedroom look great. Subscribe to our newsletter for regular updates on the latest trends and design ideas. 


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