Making the Most Out of a Small Space

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Just because your space is small doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish.

Use our small space design tips below to make sure your tiny but mighty areas are as comfy as possible without sacrificing the cool factor. 

Install shelving up high.

in larger rooms you don’t need to go vertical as much because you have enough space already for everything you need. In smaller rooms, a floor to ceiling shelf can give you extra space and make the walls look taller. Floating shelves are another option that maximize storage space without taking up any floor space. Hang your floating shelves a little above eye level, closer to the ceiling.

Hang curtains from the ceiling.

As with shelving, hanging curtains from the ceiling can draw the eye upward and make the space look larger. Go from floor to ceiling with your curtains, even if you only have a half window. 

Make all furniture storage furniture.

The area under your tables, coffee tables or ottomans is space that can be utilized to your advantage, otherwise it will be dead space. Use decorative baskets for storage if you have unsightly items that need to be stored. 

Get rounded furniture.

Rounded furniture is aesthetically pleasing and in smaller spaces you will have less corners to bump into. If you’re not ready to go big with a round couch or wall art, try a round end table, round rug, or coffee table. 

Get smaller furniture.

Think about whether you really need an eight-seater table or if two will do for most occasions. Look at smaller couches. If you love sectionals, there are even small scale sectionals available now. Or you could look for modular furniture to build a sofa piece by piece that fits your space. 

Use horizontal lines to trick the eye.

Just like horizontal lines in fashion clothing are known to make the wearer look wider, horizontal lines in a small room can make the space look bigger too. Try using moulding, wallpaper, or shiplap to add horizontal lines to your small space for a boost. 

Don’t forget the lighting.

Multiple light sources are key to making any space feel comfortable and usable. The standard to remember is: overhead lighting, mood lighting, and task lighting. Depending on the room, you may need to different types of lighting (ie. low lighting is ok in a living room or anywhere you will not need to be reading or performing any detailed tasks. But in a kitchen or bathroom you’ll want bright lighting to see what you’re doing and to help you keep the spaces clean.) Wall mounted lighting is a double win because it saves floor and tabletop space while adding illumination wherever you need it. 

Get airy furniture to keep the space open.

This means to look for furniture that doesn’t have heavy legs. Lucite and other clear materials give the expansive illusion of floating which lets your eye wander over the whole space uninterrupted. 

Be tidy.

Always keep the area picked up. Clutter makes a space feel cramped and uncomfortable. Once you have your small space setup how you want it, maintain the same balance going forward. If you bring in one new item, something else needs to be removed so it doesn’t slowly become too full over time. 

Under the bed storage.

Pull out drawers, rolling boxes, or even shoe boxes can be tucked under the bed to utilize every bit of space you have. 

Use monochrome with pops of color.

If you have grey walls, opt for a grey bedspread, grey rug, and then add color with a yellow piece of art or an orange lamp. This also works well in a small space with white walls. Get a bright white comforter and pillows and then incorporate colors such as bright blues or greens. Small potted plants are a great option for adding color and life to a smaller space. 

Get the most out of your closets and storage spaces.

If you are fortunate enough to have a closet in your small apartment bedroom, use it wisely. Go to The Container Store to find expandable curtain rods, storage bins, and shelving that you can install to take advantage of every square inch you have in there. Keeping your clothes, shoes, and clutter tucked away in the closet will keep the rest of your space looking nice. 

Clear out things that don’t belong.

Consider whether you really need all of your old books or other items that are not directly useful in the room. If you have anything that could fit better into another room, move it out of your small room or get rid of it entirely. 

Hopefully you have found some useful tips in this article. Now get out there and make your small space great!


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